Yataimura Maru

(you can just call us Maru)



Yataimura Maru serves cutting edge Japanese pub food with a blend of modern and traditional Japanese dishes. Our menu features handmade ramen noodles, sushi-masters and yakimono (grilled) skewers. We only serve the food that we like to eat, accompanied by the sake and beer that we like to drink, so we know you'll love it.

Drink More! Eat more! 

Fresh Hand-Made Soba at Maru

Maru is currently making fresh soba daily! 

Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle made with buckwheat flour rather than the usual white wheat flour used in ramen noodles.

Buckwheat is known for its health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and helping to metabolize body fats.

It’s also delicious! We hand make our soba daily to maintain freshness, so we only have limited quantities each day so ask your server.

Right now we are selling it 2 ways, Tempura Soba with a warm bonito and kombu soup with tempura shrimp, green onions and wakame seaweed; and Hiyashi-Ten with a cold bonito sauce with shrimp tempura, nori, wakame, and green onions

3810 SE Division
Portland OR